The Background of Western Style Carving

Basically, a classic furniture design, particularly in Europe was born from the power of human ambition to legitimize their social status. The presence of furniture design was used to present the image of the wearer, as well as the cultural image that grew amid the dynamics of society.

The development of European classical furniture design was started from Gothic style up to 19th century. If observed, you could see the relics of European on their furniture design work in Jepara. Furniture styles made in Jepara have common characteristics with European classical furniture style, such as Chipendale, Sheraton, Queen Anne, Empire and many more.

Europe was a region that was influenced by the ancient Greek culture that spread around the Mediterranean Sea, especially Roman. Then, decorations or ornaments that followed the Greek style spread up to Europe, especially France, Britain, Germany and Italy.

Although its movements emerged and disappeared by the social and politics circumstances, Europe still became a historic place. Europe has resulted Masterpiece classic style furniture and was a milestone in the movement of furniture design in Europe that was very dynamic.

Gothic style that gave a high, sharp impression and full of perpendicular lines, vertical with religious nuances, as reflected in the architecture of the church, has become a characteristic of the Gothic-style furniture in 11th century.

At the Renaissance era in the 15th and 16th century, Roman and Greek style was revived, so that the style was called “Classic”. With the openness attitude of society, then Renaissance era reformed.

Rakoko and Baroque style developed at the time of the reign of Louis XIV to Louis XVI. The style was born because the establishment of Renaissance style that was considered regular, monumental and passionate. It could be seen from its work design that was flamboyant by the decorative, emotional, and expressive elements.

The names of style were made depending on the context of its time, such as the style of Gregorian, William and Mary, Happlewhite, Sheraton, until the beginning of the 19th century with the style of Empire, Restoration, Regency, Victorian and Biedermeier. Finally, the European styles have penetrated throughout the world, such the United States and Asia.

Western style carving is one of carvings you can create by using manual engraving machines []. Indeed, by using the machine, you cannot hope that its result is as perfect as the carving result that is made by using hand. However, it still provides you with the opportunity to engrave simple or intricate designs on a number of different kinds of materials. To choose the right one, furniture jepara provides you some information about it.

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